About Us

Both Karen and I have been outdoor enthusiasts for the majority of our lives. We have journeyed to Canada numerous times, fished Canyon Lake and stayed at Blyth’s Canyon Lake Lodge; we fell in love with the area and the lake, too. In fact, a lifelong dream has been to own a camp of our own.

Recent circumstances have afforded us the opportunity to become owners of the Lodge. We could hardly believe the possibility that our dream might come true and importantly, we are proud to announce that we will be afforded the opportunity to be able to become stewards of Canyon Lake Lodge and keep our favorite camp up and running!

We realize that there are a large number of clients who have enjoyed the experience, camaraderie and hospitality shared at the Lodge when Bruce & Joan Blyth owned it. We hope we can do at least as well for you and look forward to your return to Canyon Lodge.

John and Karen Howanietz

About Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a marvelous clear-water glacial lake populated with islands, quiet bays and picturesque shorelines. Surrounding the lake is terrain that can range from gently sloping shoreline to sheer rock cliffs. Approximately 15 miles long, its narrowest point is approximately 100 yards wide; at its greatest width, the lake is roughly 5 miles wide.

Canyon Lake

Depths in the lake range from just a few feet in some of the shallow weedy bays to almost 100 feet at the deepest point, resulting in little or no fish kill during times of extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold. With just over 14,000 acres of surface area and 64 miles of shoreline, Canyon Lake offers something for everyone -- including lots of great fishing!

Speaking of fishing, if that's what brings you to Canyon Lake Lodge, you’ll find that the numerous weed beds, extensive rocky shoreline with scattered fallen trees, varied depths and abundant rock structure throughout the lake provide the ultimate in Muskie, Bass and Walleye fishing. Perch and whitefish are also plentiful.