Canyon Lake Lodge is a drive-in camp and wilderness paradise that is located in the heart of what many say is one of the most beautiful areas in the world: Northwestern Ontario. And we are part of it.

This is an area filled with hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams that are surrounded by beautiful pine and hardwood forests. Abundant with myriad forms of wildlife, the Canyon Lake area is definitely a far cry from the cities and towns in which most of us grew up.

The Lodge

The quiet is almost deafening; the scenery is take-your-breath-away beautiful. Here is the place to escape from the hustle and bustle of traffic, noise and everyday distractions of “back home”. There is very little competition for the angler here, and the occasional scree of an eagle or lonely wail of a loon echoing through the forest is a perfect prescription sure to soothe one’s nerves.

But Canyon Lake Lodge isn’t just for the angler – it’s also for the entire family. Besides the great fishing, there is hiking, boating, swimming... and best of all, time for peaceful relaxation! A daily gathering has, over time, become affectionately known as “cocktail hour”. It provides guests a special time to visit with each other and share stories and fish tales while sipping beverages and munching on snacks, all on a “BYO” basis. The results are lasting friendships and annual reunions to which our guests look forward, each and every year.

The Gazebo

We try to make your days here something to forever remember with a smile when you get back home... and for a long time thereafter. We hope to make your vacation time here "something to really talk about with your friends – more than just a carefree vacation.” Whether it’s fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, swimming or just plain relaxing— we have it all here at Canyon Lake Lodge.

So come and join us for your next vacation; you’ll be glad you did. We also know that you’ll want to return. Looking forward to seeing you, again and again!

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Vermilion Bay

Not far away (about 18 miles) is the town of Vermilion Bay where one can find shopping facilities, restaurants, gift shops, bait shops laundromats, churches and more.

There is a small airstrip just east of Canyon Lake for small planes

Tiger Musky

The second-largest city in the Kenora District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada and located on Wabigoon Lake, Dryden is located on the Trans-Canada Highway (Route 17), about 2 hours driving time north of International Falls, MN and is about 45 minutes from Canyon Lake Lodge.

The city offers plenty of places to shop and dine. If you are flying into Canada on your way to Canyon Lake Lodge, Dryden offers an excellent airport with a 6,000-foot runway.

If you need cash, there are 24 hour ATM banking machines, and a fair exchange is given for U.S. funds at the local banks and border travel centres.

And there are plenty of places to buy fishing tackle and bait prior to heading to our resort.

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